Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. The following policy describes how we collect, use, share, and protect information about you. This policy applies to all information we obtain from you in connection with your Re-Express account. If you decide to close your account or become an inactive customer, this policy will continue to apply to your information.

What Information We Collect

We collect information about you from the sign-up form on our website and from your transactions with us in your Re-Express account.

How We Use Your Information

We use your information in the following ways:

  • To load the value of the Re-Express bags filled with empty deposit-bearing beverage containers you drop off into your account (each bag equals a $2 refund);
  • To provide you access to your account balance;
  • To contact you about your account; and
  • To help us collect feedback for research purposes to improve the Re-Express model.

How We Disclose Your Information

Except as provided below, we do not disclose any information about you to anyone.

  • We will disclose your information to third-party service providers that process your Re-Express account transactions.*
  • We will disclose information about you to other third parties if required to do so under applicable law.

*The information you provide when you fill out our online sign-up form is stored and protected by a third-party service provider located in the United States. This includes the information stored in your Re-Express account.

How We Protect Your Information

We take steps to protect your information. We restrict access to your information to employees who need to know that information to provide services to you. Employees who violate these standards will be subject to disciplinary measures. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard your information.

Communications With Participants

We communicate by email with all participants to share updates and important information about the Re-Express pilot project. Our e-newsletter and email updates are sent regularly to everyone who has registered online to participate in the Re-Express pilot project. In addition, we send surveys via email and / or mail to obtain feedback to improve the Re-Express model. When completing and submitting the sign-up form, you must check the box indicating that you are aware of our communications and that you agree to receive them. If you wish at any time to unsubscribe from our mailing list, you can do so by sending us an email at and indicating that you want to remove yourself from our mailing list. You can also unsubscribe by clicking on the “unsubscribe me from this list” link in our e-newsletters.

Your Re-Express Account

The following policy describes how we process the beverage containers you recycle at the Re-Express depot as well as credit your Re-Express account while you hold an active account with Re-Express.

Re-Express Bags

To avoid bag tearing and container loss, only Re-Express Bags are to be used to drop off empty beverage containers at the Re-Express depot. We source, distribute and test our Re-Express bags for quality.

Re-Express bags are available for purchase at our local retail partner, Sobeys Vaughan Harvey.

Sobeys Vaughan Harvey
(55 Vaughan Harvey Boulevard, Moncton)

Please note that the cost for a sleeve of Re-Express bags is subject to change.

Accepted Beverage Containers

All Re-Express bags dropped off at the Re-Express depot must contain New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers. Beverage containers should be well emptied and rinsed. You can view a list of accepted containers here.

We credit your Re-Express account with $2 for each Re-Express bag.

Re-Express bags are designed to hold 40 New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers.

Deposit-bearing means that you paid a deposit fee upon purchase on top of the price of the item.

Almost all New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers give you a 5¢ refund when you return them to a redemption centre to be recycled. Some containers equal a 10¢ refund.

You can put fewer than 40 containers in your Re-Express bag, but keep in mind that there must be enough deposit-bearing beverage containers within the bag whose combined refund values equal $2.

Please note that we also reserve the right not to credit a Re-Express bag containing hazardous materials or trash because of the danger the contents of this bag present to the health and safety of employees and the risk of contamination to equipment and other recyclable materials.

Bag Processing Time

Once you drop off Re-Express bags filled with beverage containers at the Re-Express depot, you can expect your Re-Express account to be updated within 2 business days. “Business Day” means a day in the province of New Brunswick other than a Saturday, Sunday or a statutory holiday. Please note that there could be additional delays in your bag processing time, for reasons beyond our control.

Electronic Transfer of Funds

You have two electronic money transfer options via y0ur Re-Express account: Interac e-Transfer and PayPal. Interac e-Transfer allows you to transfer funds from your Re-Express account to a personal bank account. PayPal allows you to transfer funds from your Re-Express account to a personal bank account or credit card or to simply keep the funds as PayPal credits.

In-Store Cash Out (Re-Station – Sobeys Vaughan Harvey)

The Re-Station inside Sobey Vaughan Harvey gives you the option to obtain cash from your Re-Express account.  Simply scan your Re-Express card and follow the instructions. You will be able to see your account balance and request the amount of cash that you would like to withdraw from your account. A receipt will print. Present it to a Sobeys Vaughan Harvey cashier to receive your cash or to redeem the amount for the purchase of groceries.

You will be asked to enter your Re-Express card PIN when using the Re-Station. If you do not remember your PIN, you can reset it online once you are logged in to your Re-Express account. It is one of the options in the menu on the right of your account interface. If you need help, please send us an email at or call us at 1.506.389.7333 during regular business hours.

Please note that you are responsible for the safekeeping of your receipt from the Re-Station. If you lose this receipt before you have the chance to present it to a Sobeys Vaughan Harvey cashier, neither Sobeys Vaughan Harvey nor Re-Express will be able to honour its value.


You are responsible for making sure that your contact information is up to date in your Re-Express account. When requesting a cheque to access funds in your Re-Express account, you will be given the chance to confirm or update the address shown in your Re-Express account profile and we will issue a cheque to this address. If you lose your cheque or do not receive your cheque after a reasonable period of time and we are required to do a stop payment on the cheque and reissue payment, a service fee may apply.

Charitable Donations

If you choose to donate money from your Re-Express account, the amount that you wish to donate will be transferred to the United Way, which will then arrange payment to the chosen charity on your behalf, minus a 5% administration fee. Payments are processed by the United Way twice per year: in July and September. If you request a receipt for tax purposes, this receipt will be issued by the United Way.

Please note that our system only allows you to donate to charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. We encourage you to check the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Listings to see if your favourite charity is eligible and ensure that you know the official registered name of this charity. Please note that the list of available charities found under in the Re-Express account donation option is updated only once per year; therefore, it can take quite some time for newer charities to be added to this list.

Your personal information will only be given to the United Way if you request to obtain a receipt. This includes your full name, home address, phone number and email address. You will not receive solicitation by the United Way.


We reserve the right to correct the balance of your Re-Express account if we believe that a clerical, accounting or other error occurred. We shall have no liability for any accounting error. You should monitor your transactions and account balance closely.

Unauthorized Transactions

You are responsible for all transactions associated with your Re-Express account, including unauthorized transactions.


Security cameras and our computer systems constantly monitor transactions at the Re-Express depot. We reserve the right to put a hold on your Re-Express account if we determine a fraudulent transaction has occurred. We also reserve the right to give your contact information to the appropriate authorities for investigation, at our discretion. We will withhold all remaining balances and close the Re-Express accounts of members who commit fraud.

Unclaimed Balances

It is your responsibility to periodically check your Re-Express account balance and access your money. Once the Re-Express pilot project ends, unclaimed balances equal to or more than $5.00 will be paid out to Re-Express account holders. Unclaimed balances left over in Re-Express accounts 6 months after the pilot project ends that are less than $5.00 in value will be donated to a local charity of our choice.

Closing Your Account

If you wish to close your Re-Express account, please contact us at or 1.506.389.7333. We will issue a cheque for any remaining amounts in your Re-Express account and your Re-Express card will be deactivated.

Amendments to These Terms of Service

We may amend these terms of service at any time, with or without notice, including any rights or obligations you or we may have.


If you have any questions concerning these terms, please contact us at or 1.506.389.7333.