Tips and Important Information on Using the Re-Express Depot

All members should read the following information before their first visit to the Re-Express depot:

Please also take a moment to go through this checklist to make sure you make the most out of your Re-Express experience.


Empty Your Beverage Containers

All beverage containers should be well rinsed and emptied before being dropped off for recycling at the Re-Express depot. Leftover liquid often freezes in the bottles and cans during the colder winter months or leaks and makes a mess in the bags during the warmer months. This makes it difficult for workers who must sort and recycle the containers. More tips on how to prepare your containers for recycling can also be found on Encorp Atlantic’s website.

Seal Your Bags Tight and Affix a Bag Tag Firmly to Each Bag

All Re-Express bags should be adequately sealed – make sure to tie off each bag using all four bag tabs before dropping them off. Don’t forget to double-check that you’ve also securely fastened a bag tag (sticker with bar code) to each bag. A bag tag must be attached to each Re-Express bag in order for us to credit your Re-Express account. It is important to ensure the area where you apply the sticker is clean and dry. Otherwise, the bag tag could fall off your bag once it is placed inside the depot and we will not be able to credit your bag. This is especially important on cold winter days. If the tag is firmly attached, the adhesive can survive in temperatures as low as -50°C. However, this is only if the tag is firmly applied to a clean, dry surface. We thus recommend putting the stickers on your bags inside your home, before you head out to the depot.

Scan Your Bag Tags and Be Careful When Placing Your Bags Inside
the Re-Express Depot

You must scan the tag (sticker) on every Re-Express bag you have with you, before placing each bag inside the depot. This ensures every single bag is tracked in our computer system and that you can receive your payment. Here are the steps to follow when you are at the Re-Express depot:

  1. Scan the bar code on your Re-Express card to unlock and open the door and to begin the transaction.
  2. Scan the tag on each Re-Express bag you have brought, so that each bag can be linked to your account and tracked in our computer system before placing your bags inside the depot.
  3. Once all your bags have been placed inside the depot, close the door to end the transaction.

We also recommend that you be extra vigilant when placing your bags inside the depot. Carelessly throwing the bags inside the depot may cause glass bottles to break.


Keep Empty Beer Bottles in Their Cases

Since refillable glass beer bottles are sent back to local breweries, we recommend keeping empty beer bottles in their original cardboard cases and placing these cases inside your Re-Express bags.

Bottle Drives Policy

The Re-Express pilot project is meant to test technology and concepts to improve consumer recycling convenience based on household recycling volumes. Bottle drives are thus not ideal and should not be dropped off at the Re-Express depot. Bags and boxes full of empty beverage containers collected during bottle drives can be brought instead in person to the counter at Valley Redemption Centre – 323 Collishaw Street location – during this redemption centre’s hours of operation.



We add videos to our YouTube channel from time to time featuring tips for Re-Express members. You can view all our videos here.

Stay Informed!

News and notices about the Re-Express pilot project are sent via periodic e-newsletters. You can view any of our archived e-newsletters here.