Recycling With Re-Express

When you sign up to start recycling with Re-Express, you will receive a confirmation email with details on getting started. You will set up a username and password to access your Re-Express online account. You will also create a PIN for your Re-Express card. You will receive your Re-Express card as well as a welcome letter by mail. Once you receive your card, you are ready to start recycling!

Recycling with Re-Express is very easy. Fill a Re-Express bag with 40 New Brunswick deposit-bearing beverage containers. Make sure your containers have been rinsed and well emptied. (We recommend collecting the containers at home in a plastic box or other receptacle and then counting to 40 as you fill each Re-Express bag.)

Once the bag has been filled with 40 empty beverage containers, tie it up tight using the four tabs to make a good knot. Affix a bag tag firmly to the bag. (Bag tags are included with each bag kit.)

You are now ready to bring your bag to the Re-Express depot. You can choose to drop off one bag at a time or wait until you accumulate a few bags and then drop them off together.

At the Re-Express depot, scan the bar code on your Re-Express card to unlock and open the door and to begin the transaction. Scan the tag of every Re-Express bag you have with you, before placing each bag inside the depot. This ensures every single bag is tracked in our computer system and that you can receive your payment. Once all your bags have been placed inside the depot, close the door to end the transaction.

Your work is over. Within 2 business days, your account will be updated. We credit your Re-Express account with $2 for each Re-Express bag.

You can check your Re-Express account balance online at Once you are signed in, you can transfer your money to your bank account or credit card via Interac e-Transfer or PayPal. You can request a cheque or choose to donate funds to your favourite charity.

You can also view your Re-Express account balance and choose to withdraw cash from your account by visiting the Re-Station in our retail partner store right next to the Re-Express depot, Sobeys Vaughan Harvey. The Re-Station will print a receipt, which you can show to a Sobeys Vaughan Harvey cashier to receive your cash or to redeem the amount for the purchase of groceries.

Recycling Tips

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our recycling tips to make sure you make the most out of your Re-Express experience.